Rudy Maxa's World

Rudy Maxa's World

4 Seasons

Rudy Maxa, the most trusted name in travel, goes beyond the guidebooks to share his authoritative "tips, trips and secret places." Rudy, one of America's foremost travel experts, is seen on more than 300 PBS stations every week, is the popular voice of The Savvy Traveler as heard on NPR, and is the contributing editor of National Geographic's Traveler magazine.

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Rudy Maxa's World
  • Delhi and Agra, India

    Episode 1

    From the serene beauty of one man's love poem to a woman, the Taj Mahal, to the crowded alleys of downtown New Delhi, India is a feast for the senses. Maxa discovers temples straight out of Disneyland and consults a street astrologer who tells him he will live a long life but his hotel room numb...

  • Rajasthan

    Episode 2

    This episode takes viewers into the royal rooms behind the sandstone walls of the Mehrangarh Fort, perched high above the city of Jodhpur. In the dusty countryside outside of Jodhpur, villagers who have never have seen a Westerner invite Rudy Maxa into their modest homes, and the maharajah of Jod...

  • Istanbul, Turkey

    Episode 3

    Everywhere in the Turkish capital is evidence of civilizations that tried to tame it. From the Romans to the Ottomans, this tumultuous city has seen it all, and its architecture, cuisine, and customs reflect that reality. Prowl some of the Grand Bazaar's 2,000 shops and tour some of the world's g...

  • Turkey's Turquoise Coast

    Episode 4

    Great, ancient towns of Ephesus, Antalya, Myra and Dalyan dot the Turkish coast, tempting visitors to step back into time when lavish Roman homes and markets dotted the landscape. Boarding a gulet, the traditional wooden Turkish boat, for a Blue Cruise, Rudy departs from the popular seaside town ...

  • Bangkok, Thailand

    Episode 5

    Rudy takes you to back streets and the quiet, residential klongs, or canals, of Bangkok. Marvel at the Emerald Buddha visit the city's flower and fish markets, join locals offering incense and flowers at colorful outdoor shrines, celebrate the king's 80th birthday with an all-day and all-night pa...

  • Thailand, The Golden Triangle

    Episode 6

    Join Rudy as he takes mahout lessons and gets soaked steering his elephant into the river that separates Thailand from Burma. Visit an Akha hill tribe village trying to maintain its traditions in the face of tourism. The saffron robes of Buddhist monks, the vivid colors of local blossoms, and the...

  • Thailand, The Andaman Islands

    Episode 7

    Some of the world's most beautiful waters and beaches await visitors to southern Thailand, where the names of Andaman Coast towns such as Phuket are well known to backpackers and sun seekers. Join Rudy as he paddles through hidden entrances of small islands to find mangroves few people ever see. ...

  • Estonia

    Episode 8

    Venture into the countryside of Estonia, to the islands of Saaremaa and Muhu, where you'll find windmills, thatch-roofed farmhouses and quiet waters. Rudy interviews Mart Laar, the prime minister who took over a country that was an economic and psychological basket case following the withdrawal o...

  • St. Petersburg, Russia

    Episode 9

    St. Petersburg enjoying a renaissance since its favorite son, Vladimir Putin, ascended to office is no longer the gloomy city it once was as billions of rubles pour in to restore the place to its former glory. From the splendors of Peterhof to the quiet grace of the city's many canals, this forme...

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

    Episode 10

    The style and verve of one of South America's most beautiful capitals is highlighted with Argentina's national dance, the tango, as well as the energy that its diverse population brings to the urban landscape. We wander the famous Recoleta cemetery in downtown Buenos Aires, where incredible monum...

  • Mendoza, Argentina

    Episode 11

    Rudy drives into the thin air of the Andes, visiting the graveyard of those who died trying to summit Aconcagua. His choice for high-altitude adventure: getting soaked while whitewater rafting. Back at sea level, he meets winemakers whose well-priced and elegant Malbecs are shaking up the world's...

  • Tokyo, Japan

    Episode 12

    From bathing in the neon lights of the Shibuya neighborhood at night, to marveling at the city's spring explosion of cherry blossoms, to learning your fortune by consulting a joss-stick at a Buddhist temple, Tokyo offers a rainbow of experiences guaranteed to fascinate.

  • Kyoto, Japan

    Episode 13

    The spiritual heart of Japan, Kyoto offers a glimpse of Japanese life as it used to be, primarily because it was never bombed during WWII. Tiny streets with wooden homes, impressive temples, and a dedication to ancient Japanese traditions make Kyoto one of Japan's most visited cities.