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Ethiopia: Jumping into Adult Life

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Guatemala: Kites for the Dead


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  • Ethiopia: Jumping into Adult Life

    “Ukuli Bula” is a bull jumping ceremony. The idea is to jump three times over a series of bulls lined up in a row, without falling over. If the young man, or Ukuli fails, he will be mocked by the village and will not be able to marry.

  • Amazonia: Becoming a Man

    In the heart of the Amazon rainforests of Brazil, the Sateré-Mawé people have a rite of passage to adulthood where a show of bravery turns boys into men. According to tribe members, this painful initiation prepares the young men for life and proves they are capable of fulfilling their reproductio...

  • India: From Girl to Woman

    “First marriage and then love.” This Indian proverb describes Indian society fairly accurately, and how the tradition of marriage is experienced in the country. In India, people don’t just marry whoever they want. It is the family that decides, and most marriages are arranged. It is called the Sh...