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Madagascar: Partying with the Dead

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Myanmar: The Cult of the Nats


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  • Madagascar: Partying with the Dead

    In Madagascar, from July to September, the inhabitants of the island profit from the dry season to organize a traditional rite: the Famadihana, or the “return of the dead”. During the ceremony, the bodies are removed from the vault and the descendants happily carry the exhumed body of the decease...

  • Guatemala: Kites for the Dead

    On 1 November in the cemeteries of the Sacatépequez region of Guatemala, the people are not sad for the dead. They communicate with the deceased in a unique and poetic way, using kites. The Guatemalans talk to their ancestors through strings and small pieces of colored paper, fluttering in the wind.

  • Ethiopia: Jumping into Adult Life

    “Ukuli Bula” is a bull jumping ceremony. The idea is to jump three times over a series of bulls lined up in a row, without falling over. If the young man, or Ukuli fails, he will be mocked by the village and will not be able to marry.