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India: From Girl to Woman

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Amazonia: Becoming a Man


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  • India: From Girl to Woman

    “First marriage and then love.” This Indian proverb describes Indian society fairly accurately, and how the tradition of marriage is experienced in the country. In India, people don’t just marry whoever they want. It is the family that decides, and most marriages are arranged. It is called the Sh...

  • India: Festival of Colors

    Colored powder breaks down the barriers between people. Since Antiquity, to mark the spring equinox, the whole of India celebrates Holi, the festival of colors. During this celebration, Indians of all castes throw colored powder in the faces of those they meet.

  • Papua New Guinea: The Fire Dance

    When a person dies, or to celebrate a harvest or important visit, The Baining tribesmen go to make masks that represent the spirit of the forest which their ancestors have seen in caves in the jungle. A great fire is lit in the village. Dancers wearing the masks come and dance around the fire and...