Lonely Planet: Best Parks Ever - America's National Parks

Lonely Planet: Best Parks Ever - America's National Parks

9 Episodes

Embark on an unprecedented expedition through over 40 of America's National Parks. Lonely Planet brings 10 fast-paced adventures that highlight the Best Parks Ever. This series packs together all the amazing activities, vacations, and sites of America's natural wonders.

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Lonely Planet: Best Parks Ever - America's National Parks
  • Best Parks for Creature Features

    Episode 1

    With acres of sea lions and thousands of buffalo, national parks host the largest homes to all kinds of critters. Get close to your favorite animal in this episode of Best Parks Ever.

  • Best Parks You've Never Heard of

    Episode 2

    See where astronauts trained for moon missions and dive miles deep into crystal caves in the best parks that you've never heard of.

  • Best Freaks of Nature

    Episode 3

    If you like your nature a little weird, then this is the show for you. See all the freaks of nature in the best parks ever.

  • Best Parks for a Deep Freeze

    Episode 4

    Parks cover all kinds of terrain, including the frozen. Take a look at why these snowy conditions are worth all the chills.

  • Hottest Parks

    Episode 5

    Volcanoes erupt and geysers explode in this sizzling episode. Take a look at the hottest parks you can visit!

  • Best Parks to Escape the Crowds

    Episode 6

    Some of the best national parks attract thousands of spectators every day. If you're looking for a place to go where you won't bump elbows, then take a look at these solitary parks.

  • Best Parks to Get Wet & Wild

    Episode 7

    From the most scenic drive in America, to the world's largest bowl of fresh water, these parks have the wettest landscape for your pleasure.

  • Best Parks to Star in Your Own Western

    Episode 8

    Want to release your inner cowboy? These are the western capitals of the world. From the wild buffalo to the beautiful sunsets, these are the best parks ever to star in your own western.

  • Best Parks for the Rise and Fall

    Episode 9

    This episode features two main attractions: beautiful sunrises and amazing waterfalls. You'll never find more stunning places for rises and falls.