Grannies on Safari

Grannies on Safari

3 Seasons

Regnia Fraser and Pat Johnson, two best friends-one a marketing executive for an international airline, the other an arts executive who worked with organizations across the globe-combine their passion for travel, culture, and connecting with people in distant lands.

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Grannies on Safari
  • South Africa: A Country of Cultural Mosaics

    Episode 1

    Grannies visit a Zulu village of doll makers and singing church ladies in Soweto.

  • South Africa: On Safari!

    Episode 2

    On this episode of Grannies on Safari they visit a conservation with efforts for the cheetah and other animals. Also come across 6,000-year-old cave drawings and enjoy an elephant ride on safari.

  • Discovering the Wonders of Morocco

    Episode 3

    On this episode of Grannies on Safari, take camel rides in the Sahara, feast in a middle-Atlas mountaintop enclave, and tour Fes, Casablanca and Marrakech.

  • Istanbul: Ancient Crossroads

    Episode 4

    On this episode of Grannies on Safari, visit Hagia Sophia; the Blue Mosque; ancient Roman underground cistern ruins; Topkapi Palace; visual artist Bedri Baykam.

  • Japan: The Contemporary and the Ancient

    Episode 5

    On this episodes the Grannies travel to Tokyo and Kyoto's 21st century structures include the Roppongi Hills District; mountain village Kusatsu boasts sulfur springs; anime studio.

  • Korea: Off the Beaten Path

    Episode 6

    On this episode of Grannies on Safari check out Seoul, Korea's world-class museums and galleries; World Ceramics Center; Korean Folk Village; traditional feast and dance performance at Korea House.