Disney Parks

Disney Parks

7 Episodes

Disney Parks never stop changing. At Walt Disney World you expect the tallest, longest, wettest, and fastest theme park rides. From the newly re-imagined Test Track and Expedition Everest, we have the inside track on the ultimate Walt Disney World!

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Disney Parks
  • Walt Disney Resort Behind The Scenes

    Episode 1

    Since its debut in 1971, Walt Disney World has grown from one theme park and three hotels in Orlando, Florida to a vacation resort of unprecedented size and scope. Today the property encompasses four major theme parks, three water parks, 29 resort hotels, 99 holes of golf, two miniature golf cou...

  • Disneyland Resort: Behind the Scenes

    Episode 2

    It was Walt Disney’s original vision that Disneyland would “never be completed” – always growing and changing. Now, decades later it remains one of the most visited vacation destinations in the world. Disney Parks has proven its ability to not only remain relevant but continues to be at the ver...

  • Ultimate Walt Disney World

    Episode 3

    Disney Parks are known for their world class attractions, top notch resorts, and an unparalleled vacation experience. This program showcases the top thrill attractions at Disney Parks including the tallest, longest, wettest, and fastest theme park rides. From the Tower of Terror and Mission Spa...

  • Disney Animal Kingdom

    Episode 4

    Explore the process of designing and creating this amazing park with incredible behind-the-scene footage of the park’s creation. It reveals the unique ways that Disney incorporated live animals into the attractions in very close proximity to the guests seemingly without any barriers.

  • Disney Cruise Line

    Episode 5

    Ahoy mates! When Disney launched its first ship in 1998, The Disney Magic, it was unlike any other, painted black to mimic classic ship from the age of cruising and decked out like only Disney could. Disney bought an island in the Bahamas to serve as a destination for cruise guests only. Onc...

  • Undiscovered Disney Parks

    Episode 6

    At Disneyland in California you can “Walk In Walt’s Footsteps” and discover secret spots that Walt Disney himself visited. Next, step inside the newly constructed Disneyland Dream Suite – a magical space in the park’s New Orleans Square. Just around the corner is another secret spot that very f...

  • Hidden Gems of Disney Parks

    Episode 7

    The world-class attractions and top-level resorts at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland are familiar to millions around the world. But there is a hidden side to Disney Parks that many don’t know about – a side that is undiscovered ... Until now, that is. Take a vacation to unknown places wh...