Discovering the World

Discovering the World

2 Seasons

Explore the world from the highest peaks of Africa to the skyscrapers of New York City. Each documentary draws an accurate portrait of each country, city, and island, far from postcard clichés and tourist attractions. Educational as well as informative, Discovering the World was filmed in HD and contains high quality aerial cinematography. Viewers will enjoy learning about the everyday life, history, geography, culture, and economy of each country.

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Discovering the World
  • The Maldives - Kingdom of 2,000 Islands

    Episode 1

    Travel from one picturesque atoll to another and become familiar with aspects of the Maldives that sometimes differ from the picture postcard clichés. No matter how hard you try, though, there is no getting away from the fact that, here, you are in a picture postcard. The ever-smiling locals will...

  • Scotland - Scotland the Brave

    Episode 2

    Scotland is unspoiled nature, coastlines that are being chipped away by the ocean’s time-honored force, steel-colored lochs, timeless castles, and green hills highlighted by heather carpets. Explore a land of exceptional sensations, rare atmospheres, and fantastic lights. Discover Glasgow and Edi...

  • Seychelles - Turquoise Sun

    Episode 3

    ‘Heavenly’ is a word commonly used to describe the Seychelles Islands. The Seychelles archipelago, a group of 115 exotic islands, live up to their reputation, and then some. Tranquil beaches and extraordinary flora and fauna exist amidst the inviting breezes of the Indian Ocean, all of which comb...

  • Costa Rica - Pure State

    Episode 4

    The images of Costa Rica are serenely, authentically powerful. In this Central American country, 28 national parks provide protection for some of the world’s richest wildlife. As we discover the many facets of this “American Switzerland”, Pierre Brouwers shows us the amazing natural potential Cos...

  • Cuba - A Salsa for Your Senses

    Episode 5

    Cuba has rhythm in its heart. Become charmed by encounters with an engaging population and by the atmosphere found in the local villages and colonial towns. Stroll through the streets of Havana in the footsteps of Hemingway, frolic with the dolphins at Guardalavaca, and blend in with the jubilant...

  • Northern India - The Sensual Empire

    Episode 6

    Witness of one of the oldest civilizations on the planet. This exceptional documentary will dazzle you by taking you through the most beautiful landscapes of the Ganges valley and Rajasthan, and overall, the ancient empire of India is certain to fascinate you both by its majestic power, as well a...

  • Finland - Midnight Sun

    Episode 7

    Unveil Finland’s identity through beautiful, untamed nature. The Finland of reindeer farmers, aurora borealis, and Santa Claus also boasts its very own special culture: the fruit of an eventful history with its Russian and Swedish neighbors. It will feel like you can smell the fir trees, touch th...

  • Tokyo - Planet Edo

    Episode 8

    Edo was the name of Japan’s capital in the days of the shoguns and dictatorships, a city now known as Tokyo. In the 19th century, Edo was the world’s largest city. Today, the sprawling megapolis of this “Capital of the East” is an infinite juxtaposition of districts, where characteristics of a fu...

  • Ibiza - A Feast of Senses

    Episode 9

    In Ibiza almost everything is an excuse to celebrate, including sunsets. Ibizan’s celebrate on the beach, on boats, and in villas. The local people also celebrate traditional feasts in their villages. Witness an island rich in ancient history, one encircled by creeks, cliffs, and yellow sandy bea...

  • Hong Kong - Star of China

    Episode 10

    Laser beams shoot skywards, accentuating the angles of skyscrapers set in neon. Over the bay, the heavy sails of a junk-boat reflect flashes of color, while streaks of light glisten in the wake of the Star ferry. Be fascinated and dazzled by powerful images of Hong Kong, a city whose ambition is ...

  • Menorca - The Riders of San Juan

    Episode 11

    It is impossible to understand the soul of Menorca without having witnessed the festivals of Saint John and tasted the famous pomada, the alcohol-laced lemonade served generously throughout the festivities. Scour an island dotted with outstanding prehistoric sites, edged by sheer cliffs, and ble...

  • Mallorca - Sunshine and the Arts

    Episode 12

    Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Sunshine and the variety of unique landscapes attract visitors by the millions. The island has also fascinated a handful of the world’s most-famous artists over the years. Names like Miró, Picasso, Dali, Chopin, and George Sand all fell under the s...

  • New Caledonia - The Red and the Blue

    Episode 13

    After two decades, it was a tremendous pleasure for Pierre Brouwers to take scour every corner and take a fresh look at New Caledonia, especially to see how much it had changed. Experience the local way of life, visit an incredible lagoon, and encounter amazing landscapes. Here, there’s a new dis...

  • Madagascar

    Episode 14

    For 200 million years, and detached from the African continent, Madagascar has been isolated from the rest of the world, giving the life that calls this island home a chance to develop in its’ own unique fashion. Mighty volcanoes, freshwater rivers, and primary forests make up a strange yet capti...