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  • Siberia

    From the north to the south of the gargantuan expanse of Siberia, people have kept their roots and perpetuated their ancient culture of nomadic animal breeders. Edik, Altagan, and Dsolbo, children of the steppes and of the tundra, all lovers of dry and often hostile lands, will have to retain the...

  • Melanesia

    To achieve adult status in Melanesia, Junior from Kontu island in Papua has to capture a shark armed only with a lasso and a propeller. On Pentecost Island, Wabak of the Vanuatu Nation has to jump from a wooden tower, with thick vines bound around his ankles as his only safety line.

  • Amyu - Army of Wasp Men

    In the Kayapo community of northern Brazil, young adolescents must face a terrible challenge to reach adulthood: confront Amyu, a giant wasp that builds nests as big as men on top of the highest trees of the forest. Only if the boys succeed this initiatory ordeal will they be given the opportunit...